Parenting, Part 2

Being a parent is not easy. Here are a few tips to making parenting easier.

  1. Look at your child or a child. Find three things that you CAN love about them. I am intentional about the word ‘can’. These three things may be things you don’t see love in them but when you look closer and think about it, it may bring a smile to your face. The smile may come from the fact that it’s something about ‘them’ not you, that’s sweet or good. We sometimes look at children through our personal wants or ideals.

  2. See and know that loving them is distinct from loving ourselves. We want to see their beauty distinct from how we want to see our own. They are not us. Love them for them and who they are. Loving who we want them to be is only looking for a reflection of us to love.

  3. You are not always right. When and if (intentionally put) you see that you are not right, acknowledge it to them. Seeing our children as humanly as we see ourselves go a long way for the relationship.

Enjoy parenting!!

Andrea Swinton