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Intercultural Healing, Action & Performance

I am a coach who has people in action and perform. We (you and me) have been conversing for years. We have been marching for years. Some of us have been not in action and some of us are in action. We all want to be in action, that leads to impactful performance and producing results. Results we want may be incremental or huge...we want them.

This is an opportunity for women of all cultures, to celebrate with each other, engage with each other, create actions and perform.

Join this intercultural healing celebration with other action and performance minded women to produce results.

You will:

  • Be amazing, just the way you are

  • Get to know each other

  • See ways you can collaborate with each other

  • You will embrace the best of ‘woman’ in each other 

  • Celebrate the Differences in each other

  • Share best practices as mother, spouse, daughter, friend, and aunt with each other

  • Move to another level of ‘womanhood’ with each other

  • Conquer fears and challenges with each other

  • Bring a friend or make a friend 

  • Be together for four hours with lunch included

Be amzing; just the way you are! Collaborate with other women! Celebrate your differences with each other! Move to another level of womanhood together! Conquer fears and challenges with each other!

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